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Marry in Mexico

Making it Legal…Mexican wedding laws vary from state to state.   Here are a five things to remember:

  1. Only a Civil Ceremony is Binding. Many couples opt for both a religious wedding and a civil service, but Mexico and the United States only recognize the secular “I do’s”.
  2. You’ll Need Translated Paperwork.  Most of Mexico requires at least the following copies of your passports, sworn copies of both birth certificates (and any divorce decrees) and sworn legal proof from the state in which you live that youre both unmarried.  The documents need to be translated and then validated by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Authentications. 
  3. Make a Doctor’s Appointment.  Arrive in Mexico a few days before the ceremony, as you’ll need to show the results of blood tests (and in some states, chest X-rays) performed in Mexico, along with a doctor’s certificate.
  4. Expect a Fee.  The license fee varies from state to state but it’s usually around $30.
  5. Bring Some Friends.  You need up to four witnesses for you nuptials



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